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  • Ethically Grown Ratnagiri Alphanso
  • Sourced from Mavlange Village in Ratnagiri district
  • Naturally Ripen
  • Every Fruit weighs more than 200 Gms at the time of packing.
  • 12 Mangoes  in One Box


How to identify Original Alphonso?
  • Original and pure mangoes from Ratnagiri will give a natural aroma that is noticeable from a distance. Have a look at the mangoes. They should ‘look’ soft and touch soft if they are naturally ripened. Chemically ripened mangoes are yellow, yet hard.
  • Observe the colour. Chemically ripened mangoes look uniformly coloured. Naturally ripened mangoes show gradients in yellows and green.
  • Mature mangoes develop a slight trough near the stem, enough to hold a drop of water or stop it from sliding down. Immature mangoes will not have that trough.


🍋The king Of Fruits🍋
Alphonso along with it’s nutritional benefits

People have a lot of queries around their favourite fruit Mango i.e it has so much of sugar so will it increase my weight 🤔? will it make me fat 🤔? or will it increase my blood sugar ?🤔 We shouldn’t be afraid of any of the fruits, what we should be afraid of is  the bad lifestyle we follow which includes consuming junk and the processed food,  no exercise, less water intake, inadequate sleep, lot of stress and we should be afraid of the medication if at all we are on_ .

🍋 Mango is rich in Vitamin C, A, E, K and most of the B vitamins, except for Vitamin B12. It also have Omega 3 & Omega 6.🍋
It is loaded with minerals. Over and above it is loaded with fiber.
1 ripe mango has approximately 29 to 32 gms of sugar, fruit sugar and its glycemic load is only 10.

We should be scared of over eating mangoes, over eating any fruits or for that instance over eating any food. This increases the glycemic load.

If you have diabetes or if you are a pre diabetic, you can still have mango but in limited amount.

Mangoes are rich is fiber and it is the fiber which does not let the blood sugar level rise. This is a common tip for all the people who have high blood sugar levels and still want to enjoy fruit i.e to have some nuts or seeds along with it or post it so that the fiber and the protein in it do not allow the sugar levels to rise too far.

Apart from the various vitamins present in Mango it has a special substance present in it knowns as A Mangiferin which has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory impact on the body which act of some enzymes in the body which actually control your blood sugar levels.
Mangerin also has the property to remove fatty acids from the liver.

Many people think that eating mango in summer causes heat in the body and it breaks out as boils. Its not because of heat in fact Mango has a very cooling effect.
The boils which erupt in the body is due to toxicity in the body. In Fact it is a detoxifying fruit. Also mango grows in this season because it is rich in vitamins and hence builds up immunity.
Just look at the beauty. It grows just before the monsoon sets in wherein our immunity tends to drop in badly. So pre monsoon, the mangoes help in building up our immunity.

So to conclude we should not be overeating mangoes like most people do on having 5 mangoes a day.

Best is to have 1 or 2 mango per day and for the people who are highly diabetic can have 1/2 mango in the morning and 1/2 in the evening along with nuts and seeds.

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C and we need to understand that our body cannot synthesise Vitamin C in the body but we need to get it from fruits and vegetables.

Vrushali Athavale
Expert Life Style Coach