We all struggle when it comes carrying/ packing / storing our footwear. We often end up using ‘stopgap’ solutions like plastic bags.  Who wouldn’t love a shoe bag that is durable, eco-friendly & trendy? The shoe bag  (displayed in the image) is exactly that & more – a unique, handmade, designer product. It is made from 10 oz cotton canvas – eco-friendly, rugged & washable. No wonder it received an overwhelming response from consumers in general and travelers, gym goers and sports persons in particular, during our test marketing initiatives at malls, corporate offices as well as online (e.g. amazon) and events like Kala Ghoda in Mumbai.

Material: Cotton Canvas

Size : 30 cm x 18 cm x 13.5 cm


  • Eco friendly Shoe Bag made of Cotton Canvas
  • Fits 1 Pair of Mens Shoes + Slippers or
  • Fits 2 Pair of Women Shoes / Chappals / Sandals + Slippers
  • Washable (Hand Wash)
  • Durable
  • Closing – Zipper
  • Inner Linner – Non Wowen